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Smith Cemetery is located west of Alsey in southwestern Scott County near the blacktop road between Glasgow and Alsey. Jacob Smith received the land in a grant from the government in 1832 when the area was still a part of Morgan County. In 1852 Jacob Smith conveyed the farm land around the cemetery to George G. Smith “excepting 2 rods square including burying yard on said land.” In 1976 a 4-H club, the Alsey Youth Corporation, undertook the project of restoring the long neglected cemetery. This was accomplished under the leadership of Mrs. George (Carol) Cooper. A re-dedication ceremony was held on Sunday, Oct. 31, 1976. Former State Representative G. William Horsley of Springfield, an authority on Abraham Lincoln, gave the dedicatory address. He was driven from Alsey to the cemetery in a buggy escorted by the 7th Cavalry Reactivated which also gave a demonstration of Civil War drills. The listing of tombstone readings given here was made by Mrs. Edna McMahan Secrest and her husband, Elvin (Al) R. Secrest, in August of 1978.

List of Known Burials

ALLEN, Caroline Died 2 Oct 1854 Age 16 Yr 5 Mo 16 Da

ARNOLD, Infant Son of W. M. and D. Arnold
Died 22 Feb 1866 Age 1 Mo 2 Da
(“Scott County, Illinois Marriage Licenses 28 Marcy 1839 – 30 December 1899”, page 9, by Edna McMahan Secrest, shows that William M. Arnold and Dorcas Hankins were married on March 24, 1942.)

SMITH, David Died 23 Apr 1857 Age 33 Yr 1 Mo 12 Da

James J. Died 11 July 1884 Age 67 Yr 5 Mo 20 Da

Rebecca Ann Wife of J. J. Smith
(She married James J. Smith on June 30, 1842. Mr. And Mrs. Elvin R. Secrest did not find a marker for this woman’s grave but they have a copy of her obituary – name and date of newspaper unknown – which reads: “MRS. REBECCA ANN SMITH, nee MCMAHAN, one of the pioneer residents of Scott Co., Ill., died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Maria Roberts, 23 Sept. 1912 at the age of 77 years 4 months and 21 days. She was married to James J. Smith 30 June 1842, and they were the parents of four children two boys and two girls three of whom are still living, Mrs. Maria Roberts of Alsey, Mrs. George H. Roney of East St. Louis and Joseph Smith of Canton, Ill. Grandma Smith as she was familiarly called, spent the last nine years of her life at the home of her daughter Mrs. Maria Roberts of Alsey, where she had the faithful and consistent care of her daughter and family, till the end came which was faithful and full of faith. She was the last of the charter members of the Big Spring Baptist Church, having made a profession of faith in Christ in early life and continued a consistent life till the master called her home. She rests from her labors and her works do follow her. The funeral services was held from the Baptist church in Alsey, 25 Sept. 1912, conducted by Rev. W. E. Vaughn of Carlinville. Interment was in the Smith Cemetery.” Her parents were Robert and Nancy (Conway) McMahan.)

SMITH, Rachel Died 21 Feb 1838 Age 52 Yr
Wife of Jacob Smith
(Her tombstone was repaired during the 1976 restoration of the cemetery.)

William Co. F 61 Ill. Inf.
(This marker is in excellent condition.)

William H. Son of J. J. and R. A. Smith
Died at Franklin, Tenn., May 28, 1865 aged 17 Yr 7 Mo 16 Da
(No marker)

WHALEN, America J. Died 18 Sept 1858 Age 15 Yr 4 Mo 23 Da
Dau of H. ?. and S. Whalen
(Badly shattered, monument repaired in 1976)

Infant Son of H. and S. Whalen
(No further inscription)

Nancy M. Died 21 Oct 1850 Age 2 Yr 4 Mo 23 Da
Dau of H. and S. Whalen

William H. Died 30 Mar 1853 Age 2 Yr 1 Mo 25 Da

Sarah G. Died 20 Mar 1854 Age 37 Yr 7 Mo 22 Da
DV (Footstone)

JY (Footstone)

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